Is That What People Do?

by Robert Sheckley
Release date: 1984
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

A collection of stories.


  • The Eye of Reality
  • Vintage Sheckley
    • The Language of Love
    • The Accountant
    • A Wind Is Rising
    • The Robot Who Looked Like Me
    • The Mnemone
    • Warm
    • The Native Problem
    • Fishing Season
    • Shape ("Keep Your Shape")
    • Beside Still Waters
    • Silversmith Wishes
    • Meanwhile, Back at the Bromide
    • Fool's Mate
    • Pilgrimage to Earth ("Love, Inc.")
    • All the Things You Are
    • The Store of the Worlds ("The World of Heart's Desire")
    • Seventh Victim
    • Cordle to Onion to Carrot
    • Is That What People Do?
    • The Prize of Peril
    • Fear in the Night
    • Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?
    • The Battle
    • The Monsters
    • The Petrified World
  • Uncollected Sheckley:
    • Five Minutes Early
    • Miss Mouse and the Fourth Dimension
    • The Skag Castle
    • The Helping Hand
    • The Last Days of (Parallel?) Earth
    • The Future Lost
    • Wild Talents, Inc.
    • The Swamp
    • The Future of Sex: Speculative Journalism
    • The Life of Anybody
    • Good-Bye Forever to Mr. Pain
    • The Shaggy Average American Man Story
    • The Shootout in the Toy Shop
    • How Pro Writers Really Write – Or Try To
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