Wizard at Large (The Magic Kingdom of Landover #3) - Terry Brooks7.42

A Spell For Abernathy

When things were going well in the Magic Kingdom of Landover, it usually meant trouble ahead – big trouble.

This time it all began when the half-able wizard Questor Thews announced that finally had had a sure spell to restore the Court Scribe Abernathy to fully human form. It was his spell years before that had turned Abernathy into a Wheaten Terrier – though with hands and able to talk.

Abernathy was skeptical, but finally consented, and Questor began. All went well – until the wizard breathed the magic dust of his spell and suddenly sneezed. Then, where Abernathy had stood, there was only a bottle containing a particularly evil imp. It had been in the collection of Michel Ard Rhi, former King of Landover, now exiled to Earth. That must mean that Abernathy was now an unwilling part of that collection.

High Lord Ben Holiday set forth for Earth, of course, taking his green but lovely bride Willow with him. Unfortunately, they were long in returning. And without the soil of Landover in which to root as a tree at times, Willow could not long survive.

That left it up to Questor Thews to save them. Grimly he set out to seek help, knowing himself to be incompetant. And to make things worse, the imp had escaped and sought the help of the evil witch Nightshade, now back from exile in Faerie. His only idea seemed impossible but...

Again Terry Brooks brings us a tale of magic and high adventure in (and beyond) the magic lands of Landover, told only as he could do it!

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Release date: 1988
Genres: fantasy
Average rating: 7.42/10
Total ratings: 7
Updated: January 18, 2017