Opalite Moon

by Denise Vitola
Opalite Moon (Ty Merrick #2) - Denise Vitola N/A

Philip K. Dick Award: Best Novel nominee (1997).

In Quantum Moon, Denise Vitola created a nightmarish vision of the near future, an Earth with a minimum of peace, beauty and natural resources – and a maximum of government corruption, control and greed. Now Vitola returns to that gritty, desperate world. The world of Marshal Ty Merrick.

Winter grips District One like a steel fist. Even the most basic resources are stretched to the breaking point. And Ty Merrick, weathering the psychological ravages of her lycanthropy, is busy. Three members of a secret sect – known as the Opalite – have been murdered. Now, under the suspicious eyes of the government, Ty must venture into the frozen fringes of a bankrupt society where the Opalite keeps its secrets. Where the natural and supernatural collide. Where only a lycanthrope would feel at home...

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 1997
Details updated August 25, 2022

Ty Merrick :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

Quantum Moon (Ty Merrick #1) N/A
Opalite Moon (Ty Merrick #2) N/A
Manjinn Moon (Ty Merrick #3) N/A
The Red Sky File (Ty Merrick #4) N/A
The Radon File (Ty Merrick #5) N/A