Helliconia Summer (The Helliconia Trilogy #2) - Brian Aldiss8.14
Helliconia Summer takes place in six months and shows us most of the extraordinary planet Helliconia, from the circumpolar regions of Sibornal to the salable glaciers of Hespagorat.

We meet Billy Xiao Pin, who comes to Helliconia from a different world – one that still dreams of distant Earth. And we meet the embattled king of Borlien, who, beset by enemies, trusting none but his phagor guard, decides to divorce his beautiful queen and marry instead the child princess of Oldorando. His struggle to do so, while his foes, sensing his weakness, encircle him, forms the plot of this novel, while in the background the Helliconia forests burn.

Part two of the epic Helliconia Trilogy, the breathtaking masterwork of one of the century's greatest masters of imaginative fiction.

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Release date: 1983
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 8.14/10
Total ratings: 44
Updated: August 23, 2021

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