Hedgework and Guessery

Charles de Lint
fantasy, short stories
Hedgework and Guessery (Author's Choice Monthly #22) - Charles de Lint


  • Introduction
  • Twilight Tracings (poem)
  • Timeskip
  • The Calendar of the Trees (poem)
  • A Wish Named Arnold
  • Meran's Stone (poem)
  • Raven Sings a Medicine Way, Coyote Steals the Pollen
  • Ariane (poem)
  • Into the Green
  • An Fear Glas (poem)
  • And the Rafters Were Ringing
  • The Boys of Goose Hill (poem)
  • The Sacred Fire
  • The Wild Girl
  • Scars
  • The Gift That Was Yours (poem)
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Release date: 1991
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Updated: August 20, 2021