Ascendance (The Second DemonWars Saga, #1)
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by R. A. Salvatore
Release date: 2001
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Years have passed since the great miracle atop Mount Aida – a miracle known as the Covenant of Avelyn. Corona is a different place. Avelyn is about to be elevated to sainthood by the very church that once proclaimed him a heretic. And King Danube has asked Jilseponie Wyndon – the outlaw hero of the Demon War – to become his queen.

Jilseponie is torn. She can never love any man as completely as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the father of the child she lost. But she cannot deny that she has feelings for the wise and kindly king. And she could do so much good at his side...

Yet threat looms, one Jilseponie could never have anticipated. For the child that she lost never died – as she believes – but was stolen away by the queen of the elves. Raised in secret by the queen, he has grown to be a headstrong boy who shows every promise of being as skilled in the arts of combat as his father before him, and as powerful with the gemstone magic as his mother.

They called him Aydrian.

Aydrian: a boy raised to be a weapon. A boy who has never known the love of a human mother. A boy so hungry for fame and the sound of his name on human tongues that he will pay any price for a chance to wrest immortality from an uncaring world.

Aydrian: a boy on a collision course with destiny!

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