The Sword of Bedwyr

by R. A. Salvatore
The Sword of Bedwyr (The Crimson Shadow #1) by R. A. Salvatore 6.00   5

For twenty years, the once proud lands of Eriador have lain, conquered and suffering, under the despotic and demonic power of the evil Wizard-King Greensparrow and his legions of monstrous cyclops soldiers. The dwarves and Fairborn elves are slaves; humans fare little better.

Arena fighter Luthien Bedwyr, son of Eorl Garhis of Bedwydrin, is too young and privileged to understand Greensparrow’s oppression. Then one night Luthien seeks justice for a friend’s murder, only to become a fugitive from Greensparrow’s thugs.

It is a flight that will turn a grand adventure when he befriends the egotistical, irrepressible "highway halfling" Oliver deBurrows... and a magical odyssey when the two are recruited by the ancient, exiled wizard Brind’Amour. For now their mission is to battle a dragon and obtain wondrous rewards: most especially a cape that renders its wearer invisible – but leaves behind an indelible scarlet silhouette.

Falling from lord’s heir to common thief should be a pathetic fate for Luthien, but the masses are tormented by the excesses of Greensparrow’s henchmen. Luthien, Oliver, and a beautiful elf slave discover that any blow against the establishment may forment revolution.

And that Eriador is desperately ready to rally behind a legend. Like the whispered rumors of a mysterious robber-assassin who strikes only evil-doers, distributing their spoils to the innocent. An unseen, unstoppable hero known as...

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Release date 1995
Details updated January 17, 2017

The Crimson Shadow

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

The Sword of Bedwyr (The Crimson Shadow #1) 6.00   5
Luthien's Gamble (The Crimson Shadow #2) 6.50   4
The Dragon King (The Crimson Shadow #3) 6.50   4

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