Tomorrow Bites

by Greg Cox, T. K. F. Weisskopf
Release date: 1995
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, horror, anthology

Edited by Greg Cox and T. K. F. Weisskopf.

Far from the ancient forests of our ancestors, werewolves still prowl through the imagination, finding fresh hunting grounds in the exotic worlds of tomorrow. They may be mutants or aliens or victims of rare genetic disorders, but their fangs and claws are as deadly as ever.


  • A Scientific History of Lycanthropy (essay) by Greg Cox
  • Werehouse by Michael F. Flynn
  • Operation Afreet by Poul Anderson
  • There Shall Be No Darkness by James Blish
  • There's a Wolf in My Time Machine by Larry Niven
  • Wolf Enough by Jane Mailander
  • A Prophecy of Monsters (aka Monsters in the Night) by Clark Ashton Smith
  • A Midwinter's Tale by Michael Swanwick
  • The Hero as Werwolf by Gene Wolfe
  • flowereW by John Ordover
  • Frontier of the Dark by A. Bertram Chandler
  • Werewolves of Luna by R. Garcia y Robertson
  • The Cultured Werewolf (essay) by T. K. F. Weisskopf
updated 2017-01-18

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