Blood Blade

by Marcus Pelegrimas
Release date: January 27, 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Welcome to the nightmare...

There is a world you don't know about, inhabited by supernatural creatures of darkness – vampires, werewolves, and all manner of savage, impossible beasts that live for terror and slaughter and blood. They are all around us but you cannot see them, for knowledge of their presence – so close and so hungry – would surely drive any ordinary human insane.

But for centuries a special breed of hunter has kept the monsters at bay, preventing them from breaking through the increasingly fragile barriers protecting our mortal realm.

These guardians are called skinners.

But beware... for there are very few of them left.

Cole Warnecki used to think werewolves feared silver bullets and vampires were sexy party animals allergic to holy water. Real life is never that simple.

Once Cole gets a look at what's really out there, he cannot escape it. Shapeshifters have tracked his scent over thousands of miles to reclaim a legendary weapon. A killer named Misonyk has whipped a growing number of blood suckers into a frenzy. A fiery brunette named Paige seems like a welcome distraction, but she only wants to teach Cole how to fight. And then there's Henry. Skinners are the most experienced monster killers out there and even they don't know what to make of Henry.

updated 2010-09-07

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