Into the Fire (Hèl's Crucible #2) - Dennis L. McKiernan

Dennis L. McKiernan conjures his unparalleled storytelling powers with the sweeping saga of the War of the Ban, the tale of the epic battle for Mithgar, a story that began with the stunning novel Into the Forge. Now the forces of darkness and light come face-to-face as the gripping adventure of Tip and Beau continues...

As the Foul Folk spread their evil across the kingdoms of Mithgar, two Warrows, bound by a pledge to a dying swordsman, continue their venture into the very teeth of the conflict ravaging the entire world. Yet Tip and Beau do not travel alone. Fortune has favored them with assistance from many strange allies, including companions sworn to protect them as they move eastward to deliver their mysterious token to an even more mysterious end: Agron.

Beset on all sides by creatures of legend, by treachery, by the loss of loved ones, and by cataclysmic ruin, Tip and Beau and their allies – Elves, Dwarves, mages, a pack of Silver Wolves and their mysterious leader, Warrior maidens, and Hidden Ones – struggle to keep the world from falling into darkness irredeemable.

At last there comes a summons from the High King himself, a call to the final great battle of war, where the fate of all hinges upon its outcome. And so Tip and Beau head into peril again, bearing only the puzzling words of an Elven Seer to guide them: "Seek the aid of those not men to quench the fires of war." To find the answers they must march in the forefront of a magnificent host and do battle with the vast armies of Modru, the malevolent Black Mage determined to lead the young Warrows and their allies into the very crucible of Hèl...

Into the Fire brings all the wonder of Mithgar to rich, evocative life in a triumphant story of magic, adventure, and danger that confirms Dennis L. McKiernan's status as one of today's most imaginative masters of fantasy.

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Release date: September 1998
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 29, 2021

Hèl's Crucible :: Series

Belongs to the series Mithgar

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