Tales of Mithgar

Dennis L. McKiernan
fantasy > high fantasy, short stories
Tales of Mithgar - Dennis L. McKiernan


Enter if you will the One-Eyed Crow, a cozy inn in the southeast corner of Market Square in the hamlet of Woody Hollow, in the heart of the Boskydells, home to those legendary beings, the Warrows. Warm yourself by the roaring fire, have a sip of some of the finest ale you'll ever have the chance to taste, and sit back and listen while the Wee Folk, their gemlike eyes gleaming with excitement, tell their unforgettable tales: A heroic quest leads a Warrow pair, an Elfess warrior, and a bear of a Man into the very heart of the vile Baron Stoke's citadel of evil. A storm-lost Thornwalker finds himself seeking shelter in a wolf's den. A fisherman tells a story about the honor of the chase. A spell-fueled war sets Agron's army against Wizard Modru's vile Hordes.

Here are eleven new interwoven adventures of Mithgar down through the ages, as the finest Warrow tale-spinners some heroes in their own right, some the decendants of those small survivors of earlier times weave their very special enchantments for you, breathing new life into events long past but never ever forgotten.


  • The Vulgmaster
  • The Thornwalker and the Wolf
  • The Trout of the Rillmix
  • The Ruffian and the Giant
  • Agron's Army
  • Dreadholt
  • The Hèlborne Drum
  • The Transformation of Beau Darby
  • The Dammsel
  • For Want of a Copper Coin
  • When Iron Bells Ring
  • Epilogues
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Release date: 1994
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, short stories
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: September 20, 2021

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6/10 |
October 16, 2007
Tales of Mithgar is a collection of short stories, which are set in the world of Mithgar. These short stories are quite fascinating and well written. If you want to read good and entertaining fantasy short stories, I can recommend this book to ...