The Dragonstone
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The Dragonstone

by Dennis L. McKiernan
Release date: 1996
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Vision of a future that must not be...

Arin's visions come to her unbidden, summoned by the campfires into which she stares long into the night. They are flashes of things long past – or yet to come. But never before has she had a vision of such horror, suffering, bloodshed... of riving hordes and raging Dragons. It is a terrifying window onto the most terrible of wars, a conflagration that promises to swallow all of Mithgar – unless it can be stopped.

Now this vailiant Elven lady embarks upon a desperate mission to understand that which fate has thrust upon her – and to block the fufillment of her nightmarish prophecy. Through the aid of potent wizardry, the depths of her fell vision are plumbed, and amysterious riddle of a cat, a one eye, a peacock, a ferret, and a keeper are revealed.

And so Arin's quest begins: a perilous trek across countless leagues to discover the meaning behind the puzzle, for without these clues, she cannot hope to find the one relic of terrible power which promises to be the scourge of Mithgar – the mighty Dragonstone...

updated 2017-01-15

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