Once Upon a Summer Day (The Faery Series, #2)
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Once Upon a Summer Day

by Dennis L. McKiernan
Release date: 2005
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Author of the Mithgar novels, Dennis L. McKiernan enchanted fans and critics with the bestselling Once Upon a Winter’s Night. Now this gifted author presents a delightfully new version of an age-old tale that fires the imagination and touches the heart...

Once upon a summer day, Prince Borel of the Winterwood falls asleep, and a beautiful golden-haired maiden with a shadowy band across her eyes comes to him in his dreams and pleads for aid. She returns time after time, and the prince is certain she is real and in deadly peril. Yet he knows not who she is... nor where she is imprisoned.

Opposed by witches and Trolls and Goblins and beings even more dreadful, and aided by a Field Sprite, Borel begins a desperate quest through the wonders and hazards of Faery, seeking a mysterious masked demoiselle guarded by perilous blades. And though time touches not this land of legend, time is running out…

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