The Crafters

by Christopher Stasheff, Bill Fawcett
Release date: 1991
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, anthology

Edited by Bill Fawcett and Christopher Stasheff.

Every family has a special heirloom that's passed from generation to generation, and the Crafters' heirloom is their magical power – and the family familiar, Willow. Weaving the legend of witches, warlocks, and alchemists with original stories are Christopher Stasheff, Katherine Kurtz, Esther Friesner, and others.


  • Prologue by Bill Fawcett
  • The Alchemist and the Witch by Christopher Stasheff
  • Of Art and Science by Judith R. Conly
  • A Cup of Chaos by Wendy Wheeler
  • The Seal of Solomon by Robert Sheckley
  • The Seeing Stone by Jody Lynn Nye
  • Education by Anna O'Connell & Doug Houseman
  • A Little Learning by Esther M. Friesner
  • A Spell for Brass Buttons by Ru Emerson
  • The Summoning by Katherine Kurtz
  • Unholy Alliance by Morgan Llywelyn
  • Epilogue by Bill Fawcett
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