Dark Lords of the Sith by Kevin J. Anderson, Tom Veitch 8.00   1

A graphic novel. Illustrated by Chris Gossett and Bob Wiacek.

An exciting roller-coaster adventure set five thousand years before the birth of Luke Skywalker and featuring the Sith, who play a major role in the new Star Wars movies!

The Sith Empire is no more, and the dark teachings of the Sith, an ancient race of magicians long thought extinct, have been forgotten. A new order of Jedi Knights maintain harmony throughout the Galactic Republic. But the curiosity of one young knight is about to shatter the newfound peace forever – proud Jedi Exar Kun steals his Master's holocron, and uncovers lost data on the legendary fallen Jedis known as the Dark Lords of the Sith...

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Release date 1995
Details updated October 28, 2016

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

Series contains 2 total works.

Main series Star Wars

Dark Lords of the Sith 8.00   1
The Golden Age of the Sith 8.00   1