The Soul Thief (The Soul Thief #1) - Cecelia Holland

"Cecelia Holland moves through history like a sorceress with a time machine."Richmond Times Dispatch

They were one soul in two bodies, Corban and Mav, twins born to the lord of a Irish coastal farmstead. Mav had the Second Sight, and was her father's delight; Corban, though, was a deep disappointment, finally exiled for refusing his father's command to go and take up a sword for the High King.

But on the night of Corban's exile, as he slept in the woods and brooded on injustice, the dreadful dragon ships of the Vikings bore down on his home with fire and the sword. The farm was plundered and burned; all the people were slain, save the young women – they were raped and dragged off to a life of slavery.

From the coast of Ireland to the occupied village of Dublin, across the Irish Sea to a Viking stronghold in Britain, and then across the sea to the Kingdom of the Danes, Corban is drawn in the track of his ravaged sister, fighting for his own life and to earn the influence and money he will need to buy her freedom. His quest is not hopeless, for Mav's second sight, made stronger by the dreadful fate that has befallen her, has brought her to the attention of the Lady of Hedeby. The Lady, wealthy and influential in the Kingdom of the Danes, has bought Mav; she intends to use the twins, and their link with each other, to extend that influence far beyond Hedeby.

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Release date: 2002
Genres: fantasy, history
Updated: August 27, 2021

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