Varanger (The Soul Thief #4) - Cecelia Holland

"A nonstop romp through a fictional time of evil sorcery, ruthless kings, fierce pirates, kidnapped heroines, sweet romance and everyday heroes, set against the brutal backdrop of Norse life in feudal times. Holland delivers an artful blend of history and fantasy throughout. " Publishers Weekly on The Soul Thief

"Holland has penned another pulse -pounding historical saga brimming with authentic period detail and distinguished by vivid characterizations. Like Holland's previous yarns, elements of romance, mysticism, and suspense are interwoven into one superlative, spine-tingling adventure." Booklist on The Soul Thief

Corban Loosestrife's son Conn is a clever and strong leader of men; his cousin, the god-touched Raef, is his shield and navigator. They have joined a fur-trading ship to Russia, and are forced to over-winter in Novgorod. While there, they take service with the leader of the Rus, Dobrynya, and with him travel south to Kiev, and then on with a raiding party into the northern reaches of the Byzantine Empire. With vivid description and passionate characters, Cecelia Holland takes the reader back to a time when heroes voyaged to the far corners of the known world. Whether fighting the ice in a deep Russian winter, sailing down a great river in a dragon ship, or wandering the elegant streets of the Black Sea city of Chersonese, Holland makes it real.

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Release date: 2008
Genres: fantasy, history
Updated: August 29, 2021

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