Golden Trillium (Trillium, #3)
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Golden Trillium

by Andre Norton
Release date: 1993
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

The creation of three of fantasy's stellar talents, the Trillium Saga is a tour de force of magic, mystery, and romance. Now best-selling author Andre Norton picks up the story she began with Julian May and Marion Zimmer Bradley – a story that continues with a perilous quest into darkness...

Once the famed triplet princess who defeated the evil sorcerer Orogastus, Kadiya ventures forth into the choked swamp lands of Ruewena to seek her own destiny among the Oddlings she once led in battle. Armed with her mystical three-eyed sword, she reaches the lost city of the Vanished Ones and discovers a strange race of dream-catchers, called Hassitti, whose visions bring chilling warning of a lethal plague that sows the land with death. Now Kadiya, with only three comparisons to aid her, journeys into the Thorny Hell, realm of the cannibalistic saurian Skritek, to stop the carrier of the evil disease. Here they discover a portal leading to a universe of awesome darkness – an entranceway to a horror that threatens the very existence of The World Of The Three Moons.

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