Lady of Avalon (Avalon #3) - Marion Zimmer Bradley5.70

With Diana L. Paxson.

'A new age is coming... The King will come... and he will rule for ever in Avalon.'

Through the generations the women of Avalon prepare for the coming of the Defender, the sacred king who will guard the old ways of the Britons and save their land from destruction. On the holy isle of Avalon, hidden in the mists between the world of Faerie and the world of men, they wait...

For High Priestess Caillean, facing the Roman foe, salvation comes not through victory, but bitter sacrifice. Two hundred years later her successor Dierna faces a new enemy: the Saxon hordes who assail her people like savages. By the time of Viviane, Britain seems wholly lost. But a Merlin is made amongst the Druids once more, and the day of the Defender, who will come to be known as Arthur, draws close...

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Release date: 1997
Genres: fantasyhistorical fantasy
Tags: arthuriana
Average rating: 5.70/10
Total ratings: 41
Updated: August 18, 2021

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4/10 |
October 17, 2007
Lady of Avalon is the third book of the Avalon series. Lady of Avalon isn't quite as bad as its predecessor (The Forest House), but I can't recommend it, because it's a bit boring. If you liked The Mists of Avalon, you shouldn't read this book. ...