The Day the Earth Stood Still

Arthur Tofte
science fiction
The Day the Earth Stood Still - Arthur Tofte

A novelisation of the classic science fiction film from 1951.

Out of the sky it comes – silent and mysterious and menacing. For more than two days people of the earth watch as it crisscrosses the globe. All over the world there are the same reactions: mystification... and fear. Then it lands. In an open park near the heart of Washington, D. C., it sits for a day and a night. After many hours, a panel in the ship opens. From it come two figures: a man and a robot. For a long moment they stand facing the silent crowd. Then the man speaks: "I am Klaatu and this is Gnut." He raises his right arm, palm outward, in the universal symbol of peace. The gesture is rewarded with a burst of gunfire. Mortally wounded, the alien falls to the ground. Thus begins a great story about invaders from outer space – a story that inspired a popular movie classic.

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Release date: 1976
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 31, 2021