Restoration (The Rai-Kirah, #3)
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by Carol Berg
Release date: 2002
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Seyonne, Warden of Souls, once hunted the Rai-Kirah demons that troubled the world. Remorseless in battle, relentless in pursuit, in the seen and unseen realms he tirelessly fought them, though it cost him his homeland, his wife and his hope. And all of it has been for nothing. For the demons that Seyonne destroyed were not the enemy he thought. A greater power now threatens both humanity and the demons with destruction, and the only hope for survival lies in an alliance between Seyonne and the Rai-Kirah...

RESTORATION is the eagerly awaited conclusion to the enthralling debut fantasy series that began with TRANSFORMATION and REVELATION.

In the magical tradition of Robin Hobb and J.V. Jones, Carol Berg's unique world and memorable characters confirm her as one of the brightest new stars in the fantasy genre.

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Restoration is the third book of The Books of the Rai-Kirah trilogy. In my opinion Restoration is a good fantasy book and it's even better than the two previous books. If you enjoyed reading the previous books of this series, I can highly recommend Restoration. You'll love it.
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