One Good Soldier (Tau Ceti Agenda, #3)
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One Good Soldier

by Travis S. Taylor
Release date: November 30, 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction

One Good Soldier is the third book in the rapid-fire hard science military SF series of One Day on Mars and The Tau Ceti Agenda. In another 24-like narrative set six years after the events in The Tau Ceti Agenda, this exciting action story unfolds in a single critical day in the history of the United States of the Sol System, the extra-solar colonies, the Spearatist Revolutionaries of the Tau Ceti system, and all of mankind.

As another of Earth's colonies, Ross 128, secedes from the union, the President of the United States, former marine major Alexander Moore, takes swift action to prevent a second American Civil War, this time on a interstellar scale. He sendsthe flagship of the U.S. Naval fleet through the Quantum Membrane Teleporter based in the Oort Cloud to the seceding colony. But Tau Ceti  Separatists have stationed their own teleporter there and the flagship will be met with heavy resistance from the separatist Navy. And, unknown to the president and first lady, their eighteen year old military school cadet daughter has been kidnapped and whisked away to the Separatist leader's house on Tau Ceti.

Only the heroics and sacrifices of one good solider after another can save the flagship, the Union, and the first daughter in an all-out winner-take-all showdown that reaches it final climax with frenzied hand to-hand combat in the Oval Office itself.

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