Little, Big

by John Crowley
Little, Big - John Crowley 8.00   3

World Fantasy Award 1982, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award 1982. Hugo Award nominee 1982, Nebula Award nominee 1981.

A magical, funny, eloquent, unforgettable fantasy about a house filled with enchantment and the strange folk who inhabit it.

Edgewood is many houses, all put inside each other, or across each other. It's filled with and surrounded by mystery and enchantment: the further in you go, the bigger it gets.

Smoky Barnable, who has fallen in love with Daily Alice Drinkwater, comes to Edgewood, her family home, where he finds himself drawn into a world of magical strangeness.

Crowley's work has a special alchemy - mixing the world we know with an imagined world which seems more true and real. Winner of the World Fantasy Award, Little, Big is eloquent, sensual, funny and unforgettable, a truly Fantasy Masterwork.

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Release date 1981
Details updated August 27, 2022
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