Inferno (Orcs: Bad Blood #3) - Stan Nicholls

Using the mysterious artifacts known as instrumentalities, the Wolverines embarked on a world-hopping mission to liberate fellow orcs, and to take revenge on their old antagonist Jennesta. But it isn't working out too well for the warband. Saddled with novices and a pair of humans of doubtful loyalty, and pursued by a powerful group bent on retrieving the instrumentalities, life is proving far from simple. And destiny has more complications in store.

The instrumentalities can no longer be relied upon, and have left the band trapped in a world where enemies mass on every side. While tensions in the band threaten to rip it apart, Thirzarr, mate of Wolverines captain Stryke, has been seized by Jennesta and faces a living death. With the fate of worlds at stake, daunting obstacles, and fresh adversaries blocking their path, the Wolverines are about to be drawn into the greatest battle of their lives.

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Release date: December 22, 2011
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: September 10, 2016

Orcs: Bad Blood :: Series

Orcs: Bad Blood is a sequel trilogy to Orcs: First Blood.

Belongs to the series The Orcs Domain

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