Drowned Ammet (Dalemark #2) - Diana Wynne Jones6.66

The people of Holand in South Dalemark are bitterly oppressed by the tyrannical earl Hadd. Informers, secret police, and cruel rent-collectors terrorize the countryside, and Mitt has grown up with more than enough reasons for joining the freedom fighters.

When his protest against the tyrannical government fails, a young boy escapes, with two other children, to the mysterious Holy Islands where they learn the identity and the power of two folk figures celebrated by their countrymen.

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Release date: 1977
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 6.66/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: February 12, 2019

Dalemark :: Series

The first three books can be read in any order, but the last in the sequence, Crown of Dalemark, has to be read last.

Cart and Cwidder (Dalemark #1)7.20
Drowned Ammet (Dalemark #2)6.66
The Spellcoats (Dalemark #3)8.00
The Crown of Dalemark (Dalemark #4)8.00