Glass Soup (The White Apples trilogy #2) by Jonathan Carroll 7.00   2

For connoisseurs of imaginative fiction, the novels of Jonathan Carroll are a special treat that occupy a space all their own. His surreal fictions, which deftly mix the everyday with the extraordinary, have won him a devoted following. Now, in Glass Soup, Carroll continues to astound . . . .

The realm of the dead is built from the dreams – and nightmares – of the living. Octopuses drive buses. God is a polar bear. And a crowded highway literally leads to hell.

Once before, Vincent Ettrich and his lover, Isabelle Neukor, crossed over from life to death and back again. Now Isabelle bears a very special child, who may someday restore the ever-changing mosaic that is reality. Unless the agents of Chaos can lure her back to the land of the dead – and trap her there forever.

Glass Soup is another exquisite and singular creation from the author January magazine described as ”incapable of writing a bad book much less an uninteresting one.”

Category: Fantasy

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Release date 2005
Details updated January 18, 2017

The White Apples trilogy

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

White Apples (The White Apples trilogy #1) 6.16   44
Glass Soup (The White Apples trilogy #2) 7.00   2
The Ghost in Love (The White Apples trilogy #3) 8.00   1

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