The Guizer

Alan Garner
fantasy, childrens, short stories
The Guizer - Alan Garner

A collection of stories about fools drawn from American Indian, African, Irish, Gypsy, Sumatran, Flemish, and British sources.


  • The Beginning
  • Chulyen
  • The Smart Man and the Fool
  • Spider Stories
  • The Astick Cuckoo
  • Happy Boz'll
  • The Cow that Ate the Piper
  • The Lad of the Skin Coverings
  • Finn's Journey to Lochlan
  • The Smith's Rock in the Isle of Skye
  • Tondi
  • Leza the Besetting One
  • Turncoat
  • The Astick Pool
  • Bobby Rag
  • The Big Stone
  • Sir Halewyn
  • The Astick Barn
  • The Clerk of Barthomley
  • Robin Good-fellow
  • Under the Earth I Go
  • Maui-of-a-Thousand-Tricks
  • Maui and Death
  • The Young Man, the Lion, and the Yellow-Flowered Zwart-Storm Tree
  • The Red King and the Witch
  • Foka
  • I'll have the Whetstone
  • Hare
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Release date: 1975
Genres: fantasy, childrens, short stories
Updated: August 13, 2021
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