Cat in a Leopard Spot

Carole Nelson Douglas
fantasy, thriller
Cat in a Leopard Spot (Midnight Louie Mysteries #13)

Midnight Louie, the loveable and feisty feline sleuth, returns once again to delight his legion of fans. Not only does he have to bail out his partner, public relations woman Temple Barr, but he also has to save a fellow feline from a charge of Murder One A big game hunter is found dead with only a leopard for company. The leopard is Osiris, a performing Big Cat who was kidnapped from his magician owner only days before the murder. Add to the mix a woman who's been surgically altered to resemble a Big Cat, a group of Las Vegas high-rollers who've been paying to illegally hunt big game, and a cadre of animal rights activists, and anything can happen.

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Release date: 2001
Genres: fantasy, thriller
Updated 2010-09-07