In CAT IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR, the black cat detective is hunting a mysterious and possibly murderous organisation of renegade magicians called the Synth, whish has been making Las Vegas too hot for some of Louie's human friends. While Louie and his daughter battle black magic, Louie's cherished roommate, plucky PR freelancer Temple Barr, is investigating the Synth despite the discouragement of homicide lieutenant C. R. Molina. Molina herself is secretly moonlighting as an undercover operative to nail the killer of a young stripper. The search has boiled down to two suspects: Temple's current significant other, and Molina's ex-lover. Unfortunately, proving either man the killer will seriously impact the lives of Molina and her daughter. As Louie and his human friends sink deeper into a lose-lose situation of crime and punishment, there doesn't seem to be a way out, except another murder, Can Louie pull a rabbit out of a hat and stop the stripper killer? And will the killer this time turn out to be someone Louie knows... and likes?

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Release date: 2002
Genres: fantasy, thriller
Updated 2010-09-07