Cat in an Orange Twist

Carole Nelson Douglas
fantasy, thriller
Cat in an Orange Twist (Midnight Louie Mysteries #16)

Temple Barr is a sassy public relations ace in Las Vegas whose life is finally taking a turn for the better. Hard-nosed homicide lieutenant Carmen Molina is too busy chasing after her own ex-love to pursue Temple's boyfriend, sexy magician Max Kinsella, and nobody Temple knows has been murdered... at least, not in the past few weeks. Temple takes this downtime as a signal she should buy a new pair of Jimmy Choo spike heels and accept the job of planning a glitzy week of opening events for a trendy new furniture showroom. Dealing with temperamental decor mavens is no problem for a woman who has saved leopards from big game hunters, tracked killers through strip clubs, and seen the ghost of Elvis – until the life of media-crowned domestic dominatrix Amelia Wong is threatened. Suddenly Temple is neck deep in trouble... and bodies. And Temple has one more problem – one she doesn't even know about: her roommate Louie, and his maybe-daughter Louise, have decided to make sure that Temple's search for a killer furniture arrangement doesn't mean curtains for her. Midnight Inc. Investigations, their PI firm, is on the case. The catch? Louie is Temple's cat.

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Release date: 2004
Genres: fantasy, thriller
Updated 2010-09-07