Don't take shrewd, eleven-year-old Dairine Callahan for just any bratty younger sibling. Impatient for adventure, knowledge, and recognition, maybe even a little jealous of her wizardly older sister, Dairine comes across Nita's copy of the Wizard's Manual and reads the Wizard's Oath aloud...

Disappointingly, nothing seems to happen. But when her family's new computer arrives, Dairine discovers that it's come with more than the usual bundled software.

The computer contains a "beta" version of the new online edition of the Wizard's Manual... and it's all hers to play with.

Never the kind to do anything by halves, Dairine launches herself into a reckless, universe-wide, high-voltage magical conflict with the Lone Power. It falls to Nita and Kit to track Dairine down before she gets into trouble so deep that not even her precocious brains can save her.

But by the time they catch up with her, it's already too late. On a bleak and empty world, Dairine has already become the wizardly "godmother" to a brand new life-form – and the relentless Enemy of all new life is even now seeking to end the threat Dairine poses... permanently.

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Release date: 1990
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Tags: science fantasy, space travels
Average rating: 6.48/10
Total ratings: 83
Updated 2015-01-07