Living Next Door to the God of Love
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Living Next Door to the God of Love

by Justina Robson
Release date: 2005
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

British Science Fiction Association Best Novel nominee 2005. Following on from her brilliant previous novel, Natural History, Justina Robson again takes into a series of worlds and dimensions we would have never thought of on our own Metropolis is a city of superheroes where you can become anyone you like – fight all day, party all night... Sankhara is a universe where everything is remade by night, according to the inhabitants' deepest, darkest dreams... Koker Ai exists in another time and space, where Intana, less favoured courtesan in the court of a decaying empire, has just discovered a warrior who cannot die... Jalaeka has been many things in his short lifetime: a war captive, a prostitute, a pilgrim, a pirate, a princess in a glass coffin and a physics student at MIT. Now he's looking for someone to make him into something better, for the entity which created him is coming to take him back. Francine is a fifteen-year-old runaway, out to find a definition of love she can believe in. She finds a Palace whose rooms are made of bone, flowers and the hearts of heroes. She finds a scientist looking for the lost light of the universe. She finds herself at the centre of an unstoppable conflict that began long before she was born.
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