Mother of Plenty (Tabitha Jute, #3)
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Mother of Plenty

by Colin Greenland
Release date: 1998
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

Captain Tabitha Jude is past the point of no return. Stripped of her command and her dignity, she has lost control of the huge alien starship called Plenty, and forfeited the devotion of the myriad lifeforms traveling with her in its dingy caverns and labyrinthine corridors, Now they all lie captive beneath the glowering red twin stars of capella, awaiting the pleasure of the parasitic Guardians.

For the Guardians, who once gave Plenty to humanity, are now scheming with high-tech tyrants called the Seraphim. And Captain Jude and her followers are caught right in the middle of a terrifying experiment in which the human race is the raw material. Her only option is to risk it all on one last headlong flight into the heart of a dying star system in a desperate attempt to uncover the final secrets of the Capellans.

And as the Guardians will soon learn, Tabitha Jude doesn't want much... she only wants Plenty.

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