Homecoming (Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming #1) - Christie Golden

After seven long years in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the Starship Voyager now confront the strangest world of all: home. For Admiral Kathryn Janeway and her stalwart officers, Voyager's miraculous return brings new honors and responsibilities, reunions with long-lost loved ones, and for some, such as the Doctor and Seven of Nine, the challenge of forging new lives in a Federation that seems to hold little place for them.

But even as Janeway and the others go their separate ways, pursuing new adventures and opportunities, a mysterious cybernetic plague strikes Earth, transforming innocent men, women, and children into an entirely new generation of Borg. Now the entire planet faces assimilation, and Voyager may be to blame!

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Release date: 2003
Genres: science fictionspace opera
Tags: star trek
Updated: January 16, 2017

Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming :: Series

Belongs to the series Star Trek: Voyager

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Homecoming (Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming #1)