The Charm of Urizen

by Melaine Bryant
Release date: December 1, 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

It is said that at the violent end of the Second Age, when dark flames blazed on the horizon and the seas swelled, whipped up by icy winds, a creature named Urizen wielded a magical device of entrapment, a Charm with which he imprisoned the races of Earde, subjecting them to his laws and cruelty. But Urizen was overthrown, destroyed by his creator, along with the Charm itself. The races of Earde were freed and a new Age of peace was ushered in. Now, millennia later, the Darkness is once again spreading across Earde. As the gates by which the non-blinking magical races travel continue to close and the fairy races continue to disappear at a breathtaking pace, the Light Ones face a terrible truth: the Charm of Urizen was not destroyed; the Dark Queen Luciféra has found it, and it's making her stronger.

Lisandra Ackart, now fifteen, is presented with an impossible task. The Prophecy Piece she almost lost at Pharos has been deciphered and speaks of a Key that can release those imprisoned in the Charm. It can only be used by her, the Gifted One of ancient legend, and so, now reunited with her three companions, she sets out to find it. As the four friends transect the continents of their world, still searching for the Keepers of the ancient Prophecy, the urgency of Lisandra's burden increases. She must find the Key to the Charm of Urizen before any more races are taken, and she must use it to stop Luciféra.

(updated 2010-09-07)

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