Golgotha Falls: Genesis (Golgotha Falls #1) - George Udenkwo

Seductress, predator, goddess and vamp...

Golgotha Falls: A city of carnal nightmare and monstrous appetite, nowhere in all the worlds of empire will you find its equal. Forged from dark science and steeped in ancient myth, it is a city ruled by ancient gods and policed by angels, where your every desire can be satiated and your every terror made flesh. Here in this sweating, convulsive metropolis of ninety million souls, the spider-god Desdemona, is the most feared of all the city's deities. Sixteen spell-binding tales unfold the chronicles of this new age medusa, a hero unlike any you have ever encountered before.

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Release date: March 7, 2008
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 19, 2021

Golgotha Falls :: Series

Golgotha Falls: Genesis (Golgotha Falls #1)