Escardy Gap
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Escardy Gap

by James Lovegrove, Peter Crowther
Release date: 1998
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror

A former bestselling author sits at the typewriter day after day, fearing his talent spent, unable to produce a sentence. The typewriter taunts him, and he abandons it for days until the night he hears the sound. It is faint, at first, but grows louder. It reminds him of something he can't quite place. He begins to type, describing the sound – the first words he's written in months. On the page, a train appears far in the distance, speeding across the plains. As he continues to write, the train's destination appears on the horizon: a small town from the 1950s – Escardy Gap. Escardy Gap is a re-creation of the writer's hometown in the Midwest. The characters that begin to appear – Mayor Raymond, Station Master Walt – are all memories from his childhood. A pack of boys abandons their baseball game, running toward the unexpected train, and with a start the writer recognizes himself as one of them. Who or what is on the train and why it has come to Escardy Gap does not seem important. The words are flowing faster than they ever have. But the writer has a terrible sense of foreboding, and though something doesn't seem quite right about this train and its passengers, he can't stop writing. This may be the blockbuster novel that saves his career. Or it may be the beginning of his descent into madness as the disturbingly real creatures of his imagination threaten to take over both the story and his life.

"Absorbing and clever."The Orlando Sentinel

"In the tradition of Stephen King... Vivid descriptions and characterizations will attract [Stephen] King's readers. Highly recommended."Library Journal

"Escardy Gap is a carnival of wonders and horrors... A feast for anyone who loves fantasy and language, created by two writers who make a new magic between them." – Ramsey Campbell

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