The Complete Pegāna - Lord Dunsany N/A

Lord Dunsany's Tales of the Fabulous Realm of Pegana.


  • Introduction by S. T. Joshi
  • The Gods of Pegāna
  • Of Skarl the Drummer
  • Of the Making of the Worlds
  • Of the Game of the Gods
  • The Chaunt of the Gods
  • The Sayings of Kib
  • Concerning Sish
  • The Sayings of Slid
  • The Deeds of Mung
  • The Chaunt of the Priests
  • The Sayings of Limpang-Tung
  • Of Yoharneth-Lahai
  • Of Roon, the God of Going
  • The Revolt of the Home Gods
  • Of Dorozhand
  • The Eye in the Waste
  • Of the Thing That Is Neither God Nor Beast
  • Yonath the Prophet
  • Yug the Prophet
  • Alhireth-Hotep the Prophet
  • Kabok the Prophet
  • Of the Calamity That Befel Yun-Ilara by the Sea
  • Of How the Gods Whelmed Sidith
  • Of How Imbaun Became High Prophet in Aradec
  • Of How Imbaun Met Zodrak
  • Pegāna
  • The Sayings of Imbaun
  • Of How Imbaun Spake of Death to the King
  • Of Ood
  • The River
  • The Bird of Doom and the End
  • Time and the Gods
  • The Coming of the Sea
  • A Legend of the Dawn
  • The Vengeance of Men
  • When the Gods Slept
  • The King That Was Not
  • The Cave of Kai
  • The Sorrow of Search
  • The Men of Yarnith
  • For the Honour of the Gods
  • Night and Morning
  • Usury
  • Mlideen
  • The Secret of the Gods
  • The South Wind
  • In the Land of Time
  • The Relenting of Sarnidac
  • The Jest of the Gods
  • The Dreams of a Prophet
  • The Journey of the King
  • Beyond the Fields We Know (essay)
  • Idle Days on the Yann
  • A Shop in Go-by Street
  • The Avenger of Perdóndaris

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Release date 1998
Details updated August 16, 2022

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