The Reckoning

Robin T. Popp, Joy Nash, Jennifer Ashley
fantasy, romance > paranormal romance, short stories
The Reckoning - Robin T. Popp, Joy Nash, Jennifer Ashley

Blood Debt by Joy Nash

Jackson Cabot's bright future went dark in 1896 Paris, when he died and was turned vampire. After three decades of slavery in the service of Europe's brutal vampire master, Jackson discovered a secret that has allowed him to hoard power. Now, at last, his strength approaches that of his rival, and he exists solely to take vengeance on the two beings responsible for his eternal nightmare: the monster that turned him vampire – and the beautiful Sidhe muse who killed him.

Wolf Hunt by Jennifer Ashley

Werewolf Logan must race to save the beautiful demon Nadia from his own pack.

Beyond the Mist by Robin T. Popp

Haunted by her past and reeling from her sister's murder, Jenna Renfield takes a cruise hoping to have a little fun – and escape the company of sexy, but obnoxious spirit walker, Dave Runningbear. Almost from the start, the cruise turns out not to be what she expected – prickles of death magic, ghostly wailing in the night and an creepy albino stalker. When Jenna realizes her life might be in danger, she's more than happy that Dave followed her on board the cruise ship and turns to him for help, hoping they can both escape with their lives when the ship carries them "Beyond the Mist."

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Release date: February 24, 2009
Genres: fantasy, romanceparanormal romance, short stories
Updated: January 17, 2017

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