The Well at the World's End

by William Morris
The Well at the World's End by William Morris 9.00   2

First published in 1896, this book describes a long journey through a magical landscape, a geographical as well as spiritual quest.

In the land of Upmeads King Peter's sons thrist for adventure. At last the king agrees that all but Ralph, the youngest, may go forth. But the next day Ralph secretly makes his way to Wulstead. Here it is that he first learns about the Well at the World's End – the 'water that saveth from weariness and wounding and sickness, that winneth love from all and maybe love everlasting'.

As Raplh travels through the ever-changing landscape, encountering danger and battle and love, we are drawn into the fantastic world Morris has created – through chalk downland and the Wood Perilous, through wilderness and mountains and the Sea of Molten Rocks, and finally to the Well at the World's End.

Category: Fantasy

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Release date 1896
Details updated September 24, 2012
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