The Einstein Intersection - Samuel R. Delany

Nebula Awad: Best Novel winner (1968).

THE EINSTEIN INTERSECTION is a novel of a strange far future when this world of Einsteinian laws, having intersected with a universe following a different set of rules, has changed – changed strangdly, wonderfully, incredibly.

This is the story of Lobey, an alien Orpheus, and his adventure across a weird sumptuous world, marvelously haunted. Along his questing trail, he meets Spider, the driver of dragons; Kid Death, the red-headed killer from the sea; the Dove, fabulous love image of a world obsessed; Green-eye, victim of a ritual invented by a race dead for millennia; and Friza – the dark, silent girl Lobey searched for over deserts, through jungles of carnivorous flowers, from a quiet village to a furious city, to the shores of death, and beyond.

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Release date: 1967
Genres: science fiction
Tags: nebula award
Average rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 25, 2021