Flight from Nevèrÿon (Return to Nevèrÿon #3) - Samuel R. Delany

In this chronicle of a long-ago land on civilization's brink, Gorgik the Liberator's slave revolt takes an unexpected turn. Flight from Nevèrÿon contains a novella, a short story, and a full-length novel.


  • The Tale of Fog and Granite
  • The Mummer's Tale
  • The Tale of Plagues and Carnivals, or, Some Informal Remarks toward the Modular Calculus, Part Five
  • Appendix A: Postscript
  • Appendix B: Buffon's Needle
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Release date: 1985
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: January 16, 2013