Lives of the Monster Dogs

Kirsten Bakis
science fiction, fantasy > animal fantasy, alternate history > steampunk
Lives of the Monster Dogs - Kirsten Bakis6.20

Bram Stoker Award: First Novel winner (1998). British Fantasy Society: Best Novel nominee (1997). Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction: Best Novel nominee (1998).

A postmodern Mary Shelley, taking the parable of Frankenstein's monster several giant steps farther, might have written this fable of a novel about a tragic race of monster dogs – in this case, genetically and biomechanically engineered dogs (of several major breeds). Created by a German mad scientist in the 19th century, the monster dogs possess human intelligence, speak human language, have prosthetic humanlike hands and walk upright on hind legs. The dogs' descendants arrive in New York City in the year 2008, still acting like Victorian-era aristocrats. Most important, the monster dogs suffer humanlike frailties and, ultimately, real suffering more serious and affecting than the subject matter might at first glance suggest.

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Updated: August 13, 2021