The Knot Garden (Tag, the Cat #3) - Gabriel King N/A

When Anna Prescott, retreating from a doomed love affair and a high pressure career, discovers the idyllic hamlet of Ashmore it appears to offer the perfect escape, with its pretty cottages, picturesque canal and intriguing inhabitants, and two tiny kittens who adopt her. But dangers lurk beneath Ashmore's tranquil surface...

Category: Fantasy

Release date 2000

Details updated August 22, 2021

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Tag, the Cat :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

The Wild Road (Tag, the Cat #1) N/A
The Golden Cat (Tag, the Cat #2) N/A
The Knot Garden (Tag, the Cat #3) N/A
Nonesuch (Tag, the Cat #4) N/A