Mission of Gravity

Hal Clement
science fiction > hard science fiction
Mission of Gravity (Mesklin #1) - Hal Clement6.88

Mesklin is a vast, inhospitable, disc-shaped planet, so cold that its oceans are liquid methane and its snows are frozen ammonia. It is a world spinning dizzyingly, a world where gravity can be a crushing 700 times greater than Earth's, a world too hostile for human explorers. But the planet holds secrets of inestimable value, and an unmanned probe that has crashed close to one of its poles must be recovered. Only the Mesklinites, the small creatures so bizarrely adapted to their harsh environment can help. And so Barlennan, the resourceful and courageous captain of the Mesklinite ship Bree, sets out on an heroic and appalling journey into the terrible unknown...

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Release date: 1954
Genres: science fictionhard science fiction
Average rating: 6.88/10
Total ratings: 17
Updated: August 14, 2021

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Mission of Gravity (Mesklin #1)6.88
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