Riverworld War: The Suppressed Fiction of Philip José Farmer
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Riverworld War: The Suppressed Fiction of Philip José Farmer

by Philip José Farmer
Release date: 1980
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

From the Author's Preface: ”Jesus on Mars” was sold to Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine but never published in its pages: ”...failure to communicate has marked the Jesus On Mars -Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine deal. My agent was to be the liaison between Scithers and Pinnacle. But he failed to notify Pinnacle about the magazine publication. As a result, Pinnacle issued the book before the abridged version was scheduled to appear. Scithers had to cancel its publication in the magazine.” Farmer had to cut in the manuscript of the fourth Riverworld novel, because it had become too long: ”I made great slashes in the novel. Result: the reader of the fourth and final book in the series will know that many of the characters more or less prominent in the first three books had died during the battle. But the reader won't know how they died or why. The chapters excised from Design but included in the book at hand relate the fate of these people. They also tell how Burton managed to get to the ammunition storage room in the Not For Hire during the battle.”
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