A Maze of Death - Philip K. Dick

A faithful reader of Spectowksy's classic How I Rose From the Dead in My Spare Time, ex-kibbutznik Seth Morley is not astonished when the intervention of the Walker-on-Earth saves him and his wife, Mary, from certain death in a defective noser, the Morbid Chicken. But when the Morleys arrive to begin a new life on the colony planet, Delmak-O, contemplation of The Book seems to offer little clue to the dilemma facing Seth and his fellow colonists. Cut off from communication with the outer cosmos, they must struggle against individual personal obsessions to discover their mission; and – when the deaths begin – under the increasing suspicion that they may be pawns in a secret government experiment in madness... or something even more sinister. Philip K. Dick as Daedalus once again invites the reader into a fascinating labyrinth of doubt and shifting realities.

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Release date: 1970
Genres: science fiction
Updated: January 16, 2017