The Berserker Wars

by Fred Saberhagen
Release date: 1981
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

Long ago, in a distant part of the galaxy, two alien races met – and fought a war of mutual extinction. The sole legacy of that war was the weapon that ended it: the death machines, the berserkers. Guided by self-aware computers more intelligent than any human, these world sized battle craft carved a swath of death through the galaxy – until they arrived at the outskirts of the fledgling Empire of Man...


  • Introduction (Third Historian of the Carmpan race)
  • Stone Place
  • The Face in the Deep
  • What T and I Did?
  • Mr. Jester
  • The Winged Helmet
  • Starsong
  • Some Events at the Templar Radiant
  • Wings out of Shadow
  • The Smile
  • Metal Murderer
  • Patron of the Arts
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