Berserker Death

by Fred Saberhagen
Release date: 2005
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, collection

An omnibus edition of Berserker Wars, Berserker: Blue Death and Berserker Kill.

Ages ago, perhaps before the human race even existed, two war-maddened races fought – and though both are extinct, their Frankenstein weapon, the Berserkers, robotic asteroid-sized warships, still follow their program. And now the relentless death machines have crossed the galaxy, to encounter an equally relentless opponent: humans...

Three complete novels set in a seemingly endless war against death itself:

THE BERSERKER WARS: The millennium-long battle between humans and the killing machines, with heroes, cowards, villains – and even a prankster.

BERSERKER: BLUE DEATH: One revenge-obsessed man fanatically pursues the great blue Berserker that men call Leviathan.

BERSERKER KILL: A Berserker has stolen a biolab filled with human zygotes. Can its pursuers discover its secret plan before it's too late ?

(updated 2011-06-25)

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