Strange Tales

by Rudyard Kipling
Strange Tales - Rudyard Kipling N/A

"Some six or seven feet above the port bulwarks, framed in fog, and as utterly unsupported as the full moon, hung a Face. It was not human, and it certainly was not animal, for it did not belong to this earth as known to man."

Rudyard Kipling, celebrated author of The Jungle Book, the Just So Stories and other entertaining fictions, was also a master of the short story in which he was able to combine the strange and unnerving in order to draw the reader into the world of his own dark imaginings.

This collection presents the best of these strange tales in which ghosts, monsters and inexplicable happenings abound. From the exotic and magical locale of India, to the leafy suburbs of England and then to the blood-soaked trenches of the First World War, Kipling provides us with a chilling array of experiences and images which will linger long in the memory.

There is a timeless element to these tales which make them as relevant and as stimulating today as when they were first written.


  • Introduction
  • The Mark of the Beast
  • The Return of Imray
  • The Phantom Rickshaw
  • The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes
  • 'They'
  • In the Same Boat
  • The Dog Hervey
  • The House Surgeon
  • The Wish House
  • A Matter of Fact
  • 'Swept and Garnished'
  • Mary Postgate
  • A Madonna of the Trenches
  • 'At the End of the Passage'
  • The Bisara of Pooree
  • The Lost Legion
  • The Dream of Duncan Parrenness
  • The Tomb of His Ancestors
  • By Word of Mouth
  • My Own True Ghost Story

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Release date 2006
Details updated August 23, 2022
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